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Reversed Destiny


by Tamara, Iva, Lisa, Ari, Sarah, JiaJia, Samira and Heesub. Film by Pim and Ziko.


Reversible Destiny

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We are very happy to announce this semester we will work around the theme ‘Reversible Destiny’.

The Reversible Destiny project of Japanese architect Arakawa and American philosopher Madeleine Gins started with questioning:  ‘ What if it turned out that to be mortal was not an essential condition of our species?   What if members of our species are not for ever slated to be mortal?’  Arakawa and Gins did not ask this questions to overcome mortality but  as ‘an open challenge to our species to reinvent itself and to desist from foreclosing on any possibility, even those our contemporaries judge to be impossible’. You can find some of the inspiring results here

Inspired by  their project we will work in small groups  on a spatial installation/performances related to a thematic, philosophical, topic of your choice that likewise challenges our species to reinvent itself and with thats proposes a REVERSIBLE DESTINY. What if we overcome mortality, gravity or even human consciousness?

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What is philosophy – Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari

What is philosophy – Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari

Fucking the binary workshop


In March artist Shayna Schapp will give a 3 day workshop ‘Fucking the Binary’. Together we will explore non-binary embodiment through queer pornography.

You can follow this workshop for 2 ECTS or join the complete ALEPH program for 6 ECTS. Subscribe by sending an e-mail to Hope to see you there.

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New Semester

Affordance of space Ignas Pavliukevicius


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