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Final presentations

Final Presentations!

Form follows color


18 November  architect Sjors de Graaf will give a lecture on the form and color ‘artscience’ by Wassily Kandinsky. What do form and color do, and what can an architect learn from painting?

This will be followed by a workshop hosted by Sjors de Graaf and Renske Maria van Dam where we start to analyze images on their capacity to affect and/or affection.




The Impredicative City: or What Can a Boston Square Do?


In his photographic series ‘Selected people’, the American photographer Pelle Cass displays a remarkable space-time axis reversal, the striking simplicity of which exemplifies the schizoanalysis of the city (Guattari 2013). The prefix ‘schizo’ is used to designate resistance to the paranoiac fixation on a single (and supreme) source of all signification (Deleuze & Guattari 2003: 194). The subject-matter of his experiments takes us to a square in Boston, USA. Yet, in terms of our investigation, the choice is purely contingent. Our ambition is to map the becoming of a specific place by way of non-correlationist hetero-poietic mattering, irremovable impredicative (auto-catalytic) looping and non-local causing (Turvey 2004: 57–70). In simple terms, it is the movement that determines the space, not the other way around.’’

A lecture by Marc Boumeester and Andrej Radman (click image to see presentation)!


Autumn 2015

Current semester we host a thematic studio T-ECHO-SOPHY?! in collaboration with WEtec, a wearable technology/e-textile research lab at KABK. Every wednesday you can join our lectures, workshops and discussions.


How affect helps to redefine the body and how wearable bio-technology puts it into practice.


A lecture by Agnieszka Anna Wołodźko PhD Candidate Centre for Arts in Society Faculty of Humanities, Leiden University (click image to see lecture).



‘ I dance not in the place but I dance the place’

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The Impredicative City: or What Can a Boston Square Do?



Wednesday 7 October 2015 we host a lecture by Marc Boumeester (Head of AKI-ArtEZ and Interactive Media Design) and Andrej Radman (Assistant professor architecture theory TU Delft)

The Impredicative City: or What Can a Boston Square Do?

You are cordially invited at 10AM @ Audiotorium


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