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At ALEPH we teach Ecosophy for designers. Ecosophy  refers to a field of practice introduced by psychoanalyst, post structuralist philosopher and political activist Felix Guattari.

In the conclusion from  ‘what is philosophy’  we can read (as last interference between philosophy, art and science):

‘Finally there are interferences that cannot be localized. This is because each discipline is, in its own way, in relation with a negative; even science has a relation with a nonscience that echoes its effects. […] Now, if the three Nos are still instinct in relation to the cerebral plane, they are no longer distinct in relation to the chaos into which the brain plunges. In this submersion it seems that there is extracted from chaos the shadow of the ‘people to come’ in form that art, but also philosophy and science, summon forth: mass-people, world-people, brain-people, chaos-people- nonthinking thought that lodges in the three, like Klee’s nonconceptual concept or Kandinsky’s internal silence. It is here that concepts, sensations, and functions become undecidable, at the same time as philosophy, art and science become indiscernible, as if they shared the same shadow that extends itself across their different nature and constantly accompanies them.’

As designers we ask ‘how does Ecosophy enable us to approach wicked (design) problems concerning our future habitat?’


Three Ecologies – Felix Guattari


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